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Roasted onions, braised meat, and mushrooms – There’s big flavor in our August Cheese of the Month Club

Black Goat

Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery

Champaign, Illinois

Pasteurized Farmstead Goat Milk

Here’s a tasty little soft ripened goat cheese from the heartland of America. The name of the farm says it all – they produce fruit and berry crops along with great cheese and gelato, and also offer seasonal dinners at the farm showcasing local chefs and food artisans. The addition of Geotrichum Candidum culture gives Black Goat its soft wrinkly rind, while a light dusting of vegetable ash acts to mellow the flavor of the cheese. This soft and creamy cheese is aged just a couple of weeks to retain its moisture and fresh milky flavor. Black Goat pairs well with soft, pink Rosé, and supple Chardonnay wines.

Black Goat from Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery

Boonter’s Blue

Pennyroyal Farm

Boonville, California

Raw Farmstead Goat and Sheep Milk

COTM subscribers know we’re big fans of Pennyroyal Farm as we’ve featured many of their cheese over the past couple of years. The quality of their cheese continues to improve for this young creamery and we’re happy to partner with such fantastic folk. Boonter’s Blue is a firm and crumbly cheese resembling such classics as English Stilton and Spanish Cabrales. Made from a blend of goat and sheep, the cheese is characterized by notes of toasted hazelnuts and salted caramels. These are the first wheels of the season, produced in the spring when the animals were grazing the fields. A wonderful centerpiece to any cheese plate, or crumbled atop salads and burgers. We love to pair Boonter’s Blue with a rich robust Zinfandel, or a ripe, juicy late harvest Muscat wine.

Boonter's Blue from Pennyroyal Farm


Kaeserei Vogel

Steinerberg, Switzerland

Raw Cow and Goat Milk

Names after a mountain in central Switzerland, Wildspitz is made with organic milk from the farming communities of Steinerberg and Oberaegeri. Wildspitz is made with 5% added goat milk, just a kiss, to brighten the overall character. This is classic Alpine cheese that’s gently washed with salty brine periodically as it ages to give the rind a deep golden hue and soft tacky texture. There’s big flavor here with notes of roasted onions, braised meat, and mushrooms, all wrapped up with a hint of tanginess from the goat milk. Wildspitz makes a great grilled cheese with a smear of Dijon mustard and peak season tomatoes, and pairs exceptionally with dark malty ales.

Wildspitz from Kaeserei Vogel, a Quality Cheese Selection


Our Cheese of the Month Club ships the second Tuesday of each month from San Francisco. Each month we feature 3 unique cheeses selected for seasonal character, including at least one American Artisan selection. You can learn more about our COTM Club here.

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