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Tasty Tongue Twisters in our October Cheese of the Month Club

Rosie’s Robiola
Boxcarr Handmade Cheese
Cedar Grove, North Carolina
Pasteurized Cow Milk

Italian cheesemakers Allesandra and Micheal (former geologist and chef) merged their love of science, food and mountain living to create a truly delightful cheese reminiscent of the Piemonte original. Rosie’s Robiola is dense and fudgy with a blast of fresh milky flavors. The wrinkly geotrichum rind is drier than most cheese of this style, with a delicious layer of cream underneath. Currently made with cow’s milk, but periodically made with the addition of goat milk when available.  Boxcarr sources Jersey andHolstein cow’s milk from a long-time neighbor, and Alpine, Nubian and Sannen goat’s milk from another nearby dairy. With Italian roots stretching from the Piedmont toSicily, and with the help of local formaggiaia Alessandra Trompeo, their cheese is inspired by the small country farmsteads ofItaly.


Ewe Calf to be Kidding Me
Hook’s Cheese Company
Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Pasteurized Cow, Goat, Sheep Milks

We’re big fans of the cheddar coming from the Hook’s creamery inWisconsin, offering their 10 yr Cheddar for our anniversary event this June.  A couple of years ago he began making a little blue cheese in a partnership with anotherWisconsincreamery, and has expanded his offerings substantially. Ewe Calf to be Kidding Me is their witty take on their latest creation. Made from sheep (ewe), cow (calf), and goat (kid) milks and aged about 4 months this cheese has a dense texture that crumbles easily. The flavor is complex, reflecting the balance of earthiness from the goat milk, the rich nuttiness of the sheep, and the brown butter character of the cow’s milk.  A great blue to pair with crisp autumn apples, and fruity Chenin or Sauvignon Blanc.

Kurbiskerner-Kase aka Jack-O-Pumpkinseed
Bergkaserei Oberberg
Schupfheim, Switzerland
Thermized Cow Milk

Jack-O-Pumpkinseed is a classic Swiss alpine cheese not unlike Raclette that’s loaded with toasted pumpkin seeds. Bergkaserei Oberberg makes their cheese from the milk of 16 cooperative families surrounding their mountain village, and their specialty is Raclette and a variety of flavored cheeses.  We love the tender crunch of the pumpkin seeds and the nutty finish they impart on the palate.  This is a great cheese for snacking with a slice of smoked ham or salami,  or melting atop a casserole or grilled cheese sandwich.  Happy Halloween!

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